Machine and device management

Kick-start your MAAS machine deployment

Ready to deploy? With your network configured and images downloaded, you’re set to begin the machine deployment journey with MAAS. Here’s your roadmap:

Make machines available

Start by making your machines accessible to MAAS. You can discover them on your network or manually add them, specifying their power and network configurations. Once they’re available, the customisation stage begins.

Learn how to make machines available

Tailor your machines

Next up is customising your hardware and software. Increase RAM, expand storage, install specific packages or tweak network settings—you call the shots. With MAAS, align your machines with your organisational needs with ease.

Dig into machine customisation

Deploy and scale

After tweaking to your heart’s content, it’s deployment time. Whether you’re setting up web servers, crunching data, or any other mission-critical task, MAAS is your go-to for a swift deployment. Plus, scaling your infrastructure becomes a walk in the park.

Discover deployment tips

Deploying machines with MAAS isn’t just efficient — it gives you the freedom to build your infrastructure exactly the way you want. But why just read about it? Dive in and start deploying your machines today.

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