What's new in 2.6

Welcome to MAAS 2.6, a major update to Canonical’s Metal as a Service - The smartest way to manage bare metal.

This latest release of MAAS:

  • Performance - Leverage HTTP for most of the PXE process
  • Performance - Track stats and metrics with prometheus
  • User experience - Provide a more granular boot output
  • Networking - Multiple default gateways
  • Power control - Add support for redfish
  • Power control - Add support for OpenBMC
  • ESXi - Support configuring datastores
  • ESXi - Support registering to vCenter
  • User experience - Dismiss/supress failed tests
  • User experience - Clear discovered devices
  • User experience - Add note to machine
  • User experience - Add grouping to machine listing page

If you’re new to MAAS, take a look at Explore MAAS to get an overview of its installation and capabilities. If you need a more comprehensive review of the changes in this release, including known issues, workarounds and bug fixes, take a look at the detailed release notes in the following MAAS Discourse topics:

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