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Bare metal enterprise support

MAAS is freely available, open source software from Canonical. However, if you need enterprise support from the people that know MAAS best, then you can get it in one of two ways:

  1. Ubuntu Pro for Infrastructure
  2. MAAS Standalone

Ubuntu Pro for Infrastructure

Support and commercial capabilities for MAAS are included with Ubuntu Pro for Infrastructure. This support is charged on a per-machine basis. For example, if Ubuntu Pro is purchased for 100 machines, then MAAS support is also included for those 100 machines.

MAAS Standalone support

In case you don't want support for Ubuntu or other Canonical products on machines that you want to manage with MAAS, then you can buy MAAS Standalone support instead. To be eligible for standalone support, Ubuntu Pro is always required for the machines hosting MAAS itself. The pricing for standalone support for machines managed by MAAS is as follows:

Free Essential Standard Advanced
Per managed machine – annual $30 $50 $100
Phone and ticket support Office hours 24 hours a day everyday
Response time – SLA Sev 1 4 hours 1 hour
Knowledge Base
High availability (HA) support
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Professional services

When choosing to adopt MAAS, particularly for larger, production grade systems, there are many considerations that need to be taken into account. Canonical offers flexible professional services to kick start your project. Examples of things you can get help with include:

  • Basic Network Connectivity Validation notifying the customer of any systems which are unreachable through basic network testing.
  • Review of customer-provided or chosen hardware make/model ("Customer Hardware"), making recommendations (if any) for any hardware specifications modifications that will improve cloud deployment success.
  • Canonical will work with chosen Hardware vendors to deliver a specification that includes installation and testing of necessary kernel drivers.
  • Review of hardware bios, firmware, and driver versions, and if necessary update to ensure compatibility.
  • Installation of MAAS on customer-provided Hardware with customization of curtin install scripts to deploy drivers, include custom installation processes, etc. as required by Canonical. Supported on Ubuntu and Centos/RHEL images only.
  • During the scope of work, if any customer Hardware fails to boot, commission, or is inaccessible, Canonical will work with the customer team to diagnose & troubleshoot any related hardware, software, or network issues.
  • Work directly with the customer's network team to configure, test, and validate network configuration requirements.


Canonical offers a training course to get you up-to-speed with MAAS as quickly as possible.

The course is intended to enable its attendees to assume full command of their on premises MAAS installation and its managed server estate. The target audience is system administrators, DevOps engineers, and infrastructure operators. The focal points of the curriculum are understanding MAAS' components, installing and configuring them, as well as ongoing MAAS operations for physical and virtual machines (KVM), network configuration and image management.

Each section contains a theory session (presentation by an instructor) followed immediately by a practical lab. The practical lab introduces a series of core competencies for the section and students will sign off on successful completion of each lab. By combining the theoretical background with hands-on exercises, the course encourages better assimilation of the material and deeper understanding. Finally, students are provided with complete step-by-step documentation, ensuring that the material is readily available for future review.

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