Metal as a Service:

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Complete automation of your physical servers for amazing data centre operational efficiency. On premises, open source and supported.

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The smartest way to manage bare metal

Get the flexibility of the cloud and the efficiency of physical servers. MAAS is designed for devops at scale, in places where bare metal is the best way to run your app. Big data, private cloud, PAAS and HPC all thrive on MAAS.

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MAAS for enterprise

Many enterprises have adopted MAAS for data centre management (DCM) by automating and optimising provisioning for production hardware. MAAS can solve the challenges your business faces.

Tackle your provisioning problems with MAAS

Automated operations

Big data

Quickly provision and tear down both physical and virtual servers with a modern operating system deployment toolchain. Perfect for high-performance computing (HPC).

Smart data centres

MAAS transforms DevOps with complex server workflows, including dynamic partitioning, application-driven resource scaling, automatic workload rebalancing and immutable infrastructure.

Intelligent hybrid clouds

MAAS helps you build unified hybrid cloud operations by exposing a bare-metal provisioning operations API that can be used with service modelling tools, like Juju, or configuration management tools, like Chef.

Lower cost of operations

Automated repurposing

MAAS helps you run different workloads at different times, using the same or different base operatings systems, at both large and small scales.

Cost reduction

Decommission nodes during non-peak periods to save both energy and personnel requirements. Use the time to focus on day-to-day hardware management tasks, optimising usage patterns and internal processes.

Hardware management

Replace legacy in-house provisioning tools and their associated problems, such as development resources, debugging, QA, on-boarding and 'bus-factor', with a standard set of converged open source tools, at speed to any scale.

Optimised testing

Continuous integration (CI) testing

MAAS's API allows storage and networking to be rapidly reconfigured to match each test case, generating a clean bare metal environment for every run.

Hardware testing at scale

Run sets of standard and customised tests on freshly provisioned machines and racks, transforming any new hardware provision and integration process.

Key features

  • Automatic discovery and registration of every device on the network.

    BMC (IPMI, AMT, HPILO, DRAC and more) and PXE (IPv4 and IPv6) automation.

  • Zero-touch deployment of Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows and RHEL.

    Deploy linux distros in less than 5 minutes.

  • Configure the machine’s network interfaces with bridges, VLANs, bonds and more.

    Create advanced filesystem layouts with RAID, bcache, LVM and more.

  • Full chassis convergence, including Cisco UCS, HP Moonshot, Intel RSD and more.

    Dynamic hardware resource management with Intel RSD.

  • Observes and catalogs every IP address on the network (IPAM).

    Built-in highly available DHCP (active-passive) and DNS (active-active).

  • Run tests to get up to date information about your hardware’s health.

    Get key metrics for your component’s performance.

  • DevOps image

    DevOps integration

    Integration with devops automation tools like conjure-up, Juju, Chef, Puppet, SALT, Ansible and more.

  • Monitors and tracks critical services to ensure proper operations.

  • Comes with a REST API, Web UI and CLI.

Any OS image —
on any hardware

MAAS delivers the fastest OS installation times in the industry thanks to its optimised image-based installer.

  • Works on all certified servers from any major vendor
  • Discovers servers in racks, chassis and data centre networks
  • Supports major system BMCs and chassis controllers

Enterprise support for MAAS

MAAS is freely available, open source software from Canonical. For large volume and public clouds with dynamic scale, we offer per-region pricing with flexible node ranges.

  Free Standard Advanced
Price per machine $0 $5 per month $10 per month
Per region per year - - Unlimited machines $75,000
Phone and ticket support None 8am - 6pm on weekdays 24 hours a day, everyday
Ubuntu and CentOS deployment Yes Yes Yes
Landscape Management
(for the MAAS servers)
  Yes Yes
(for the MAAS servers)
  Yes Yes
Knowledge Base   Yes Yes
Windows, RHEL, and custom image
creation and deployment
  Yes Yes
High availability (HA) support     Yes
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