Metal as a Service

Say hello to your physical cloud

Complete automation of your physical servers for amazing data centre operational efficiency. On premises, open source and supported.

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MAAS screenshot showing Nodes

Key features

  • Automatic discovery and registration of every device on the network.

    BMC (IPMI, AMT and more) and PXE (IPv4 and IPv6) automation.

  • Zero-touch deployment of Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows, RHEL and SUSE.

    Deploy linux distros in less than 5 minutes.

  • Configure the machine‚Äôs network interfaces with bridges, VLANs, bonds and more.

    Create advanced filesystem layouts with RAID, bcache, LVM and more.

  • Full chassis convergence, including Cisco UCS, HP Moonshot, Intel RSD and more.

    Dynamic hardware resource management with Intel RSD.

  • Observes and catalogs every IP address on the network (IPAM).

    Built-in highly available DHCP (active-passive) and DNS (active-active).

  • DevOps image

    DevOps integration

    Integration with devops automation tools like conjure-up, Juju, Chef, Puppet, SALT, Ansible and more.

  • Monitors and tracks critical services to ensure proper opperations.

  • Comes with a REST API, Web UI and CLI.

The smartest way to manage
bare metal

MAAS delivers the fastest OS installation times in the industry thanks to its optimised image-based installer. Setup the RAID and Network configuration you want through the MAAS web UI or CLI, then press a button and come back in minutes to a fully-deployed OS.

MAAS is designed for devops at scale, in places where bare metal is the best way to run your app. Big data, private cloud, PAAS and HPC all thrive on MAAS.

Works on all your hardware

  • Works on all certified servers from any major vendor
  • Discovers servers in racks, chassis and data centre networks
  • Supports major system BMCs and chassis controllers

MAAS is used by


MAAS is supported by Canonical under the Ubuntu Advantage service program. Ubuntu Advantage MAAS includes tools that enable deployment of a wider range of operating systems, SLAs on support and high availability reference architectures.




$5 / per server per month


$10 / per server per month

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