Engaging on the Discourse forum

Navigate the MAAS community with Discourse

You interact with the MAAS community primarily through our Discourse forum. This guide helps you make the most of that space.

Explore Discourse categories

The forum is organised into several public categories:

  • discourse: A default, largely unmonitored category. Response times here are inconsistent.

  • docs: Home to our documentation. Edit or comment on docs here.

  • news: Primarily for release announcements and deprecations.

  • users: The hub of activity, monitored by the weekly on-duty MAAS developer. We aim to keep unanswered posts below 5% of the total.

  • integration: Currently inactive; use “Users” instead.

  • development: For roadmap and architecture talks, and where Show and Tell articles are published.

  • tutorials: Find various MAAS tutorials, some of which are also in the MAAS documentation.

  • deprecations: Strictly for deprecated feature discussions.

  • performance: Focused on MAAS performance topics.

User permissions and levels

New users might not have immediate posting permissions. While waiting, you can read posts or message admins for elevated permissions. Check our FAQ and Terms of Service.

How to contribute to discussions

Creating a new post

  1. Navigate to our Discourse forum.
  2. Choose a category from the all categories dropdown.
  3. Click +New topic at the top right.
  4. Fill in the title and body text.
  5. Click Create topic or Cancel if you reconsider.

Commenting on existing posts

  1. Click the post title to open it.
  2. Click Reply at the bottom.
  3. Type your comment.
  4. Click Reply again to submit, or Cancel to discard.

Navigating Discourse effectively will help you make the most of the MAAS community’s collective knowledge and experience.

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