How to use logging

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MAAS logging and auditing capabilities are powerful assets for administrators, developers, and auditors alike. The platform provides comprehensive logging facilities that span various functional aspects, from events and auditing to hardware commissioning and testing. MAAS logs serve as invaluable diagnostic and monitoring tools for your provisioning environment:

  • Event logs: The cornerstone for debugging, event logs offer deep insights that can help you troubleshoot a wide array of MAAS-related challenges.

  • Audit event logs: For governance and accountability, audit event logs keep a meticulous record of who did what within the MAAS ecosystem, aiding in traceability and compliance.

  • Commissioning logs: When commissioning a machine, these logs become your go-to source for understanding each action, test, and result that occurred during the process, offering a granular look into your infrastructure.

  • Testing logs: These logs specialise in hardware diagnostics, providing detailed reports that help you identify and rectify hardware anomalies and issues.

Each log type serves a unique purpose and, when used collectively, they make it easier to manage your MAAS instance.

Last updated 2 months ago.