Reference: Hardware test scripts

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This page enumerates standard MAAS test scripts and explains how to create your own custom scripts.

MAAS test scripts

Name Tags What It Does
smartctl-short storage Executes a short SMART self-test, assessing all your drives concurrently
smartctl-long storage Like the short test, but goes deeper. Ideal for comprehensive disk health checks
smartctl-conveyance storage Specialised SMART test that checks how your disks fare during transit
memtester memory Pushes your RAM with various memory-specific tests
internet-connectivity network, internet, node Verifies if the node has an active internet connection
stress-ng-cpu-long cpu A 12-hour CPU endurance test to push its limits
stress-ng-cpu-short cpu A quick 5-minute stress test for the CPU
stress-ng-memory-long memory A marathon 12-hour memory stress test
stress-ng-memory-short memory A quick dip to test memory, lasting only 5 minutes
ntp network, ntp, node Checks if the node can connect to NTP servers for time syncing
badblocks storage Scans the disk for bad sectors, in read-only mode
badblocks-destructive destructive, storage Same as above, but in a read/write mode that wipes data
7z cpu Tests CPU performance using 7zip benchmarking
fio storage, destructive Storage performance testing, with the potential to alter data

Real-time updates

As MAAS runs these tests, it gives you real-time updates. Navigate to the ‘Hardware tests’ page for the machine in question and click on the ‘Log view’ link in the ‘Results’ column to view unfiltered test output.

DIY testing

You can create your own test scripts; here’s a simple example:

#!/bin/bash -e
# --- Start MAAS 1.0 script metadata ---
# name: stress-ng-cpu-test
# title: CPU Validation
# description: 5-minute stress test to validate your CPU.
# script_type: test
# hardware_type: cpu
# packages: {apt: stress-ng}
# tags: cpu
# timeout: 00:05:00
# --- End MAAS 1.0 script metadata ---

sudo -n stress-ng --matrix 0 --ignite-cpu --log-brief --metrics-brief --times \
    --tz --verify --timeout 2m

This Bash snippet features metadata comments that help configure the environment and handle any package dependencies. It ends with a line that triggers stress-ng, the workhorse that stresses your CPU to its core.

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