Event log reference

The events log tracks state changes and the execution of basic configuration steps, serving as a timeline for your MAAS machines. A simple view of the events log might look something like this:

  Time 	                        Event
  Sun, 04 Oct. 2020 23:12:35 	Ready
  Sun, 04 Oct. 2020 23:12:31 	Running test - smartctl-validate on sda
  Sun, 04 Oct. 2020 23:10:37 	Gathering information
  Sun, 04 Oct. 2020 23:10:30 	Loading ephemeral
  Sun, 04 Oct. 2020 23:10:15 	Performing PXE boot
  Sun, 04 Oct. 2020 23:09:54 	Powering on
  Sun, 04 Oct. 2020 23:09:53 	Commissioning

To view the Events log (for a particular machine), select a machine from the machine list and choose the “Events” tab at the top of the screen:

You can also see a more detailed view by selecting “View full history” in near the upper right of the log output.

To view the raw Events log, enter the following command:

maas $PROFILE events query

You can tabulate the results, sorted by machine, with the following command:

maas admin events query | jq -r '(["HOSTNAME","TIMESTAMP","TYPE","DESCRIPTION"] | (., map(length*"-"))),
(.events[] | [.hostname, .created, .type, .description // "-"]) | @tsv' | column -t -s $'\t'

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