How to customise images

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This section explains how to build tailored solutions for your infrastructure:

  • Build custom images: Build images that match your specifications. Utilise our suite of tools to create an environment that meets your needs.

  • Build an Ubuntu image: Embrace the power of open-source with a custom Ubuntu image. Optimise your system for performance, security, or development – the choice is yours.

  • Build a RHEL 7 image: Stability meets customisation. Create a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 image that brings the robustness of enterprise-grade Linux to your tailored requirements.

  • Build a RHEL 8 image: Leverage the latest in system stability and innovation with a custom Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 image. Ensure your infrastructure is ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Build a CentOS 7 image: Enjoy the reliability of a community-driven enterprise platform. Customize a CentOS 7 image for consistency and performance in your network.

  • Build an ESXi image: Virtualise your environment with a custom ESXi image. Create a streamlined virtual machine platform that integrates seamlessly with your hardware and software ecosystem.

  • Build a Windows image: Combine the familiarity of Windows with the precision of custom configuration. Design a Windows image that aligns with your business processes and user requirements.

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