How to give and receive help

There are times when interface and documentation aren’t enough to figure something out – that’s when you need help. And given that MAAS is an open-source product, there are also a number of ways you can help us.

Use our Discourse forum

Interact with other users, Canonical support personnel, and the MAAS development team; you can bring us problems, solve problems, or even just catch up on things you didn’t know.

Get support

We offer paid support for those situations where it’s warranted, that is, where it would take a significant amount of time for a Canonical employee to help you with your project, or where your needs are off the MAAS roadmap and require special engineering work.

Request new features

We do listen to well-spoken feature requests that affect more than two or three users, and we have delivered on these requests in the past.

Review and report bugs

Sometimes a bug request is the only way to handle the problem.

Contribute documentation

We originate a lot of documentation, but doc is much better when everybody works on it.

Last updated 6 days ago.