How to mirror MAAS images

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This page explains how to create and use a local mirror of MAAS images:

Install SimpleStreams

Start by installing SimpleStreams:

sudo apt install simplestreams

Define helper variables

Define these variables for cleaner CLI commands:


Mirror your kernels

Mirror your kernels with these commands:

sudo sstream-mirror --keyring=$KEYRING_FILE $IMAGE_SRC $IMAGE_DIR 'arch=amd64' 'release~(bionic|focal)' --max=1 --progress
sudo sstream-mirror --keyring=$KEYRING_FILE $IMAGE_SRC $IMAGE_DIR 'os~(grub*|pxelinux)' --max=1 --progress

Use --dry-run to preview your selection. Remove it to begin the download.

MAAS saves images to the directory defined by ‘IMAGE_DIR’. The new boot source URL will be http://<myserver>/maas/images/ephemeral-v3/stable/.

You should verify image availability at the URL above. Regularly update your mirror with cron to fetch the latest images.

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