Managing user accounts and access

User management in MAAS: A comprehensive guide

Managing users in MAAS is straightforward but varies depending on the version you’re using and whether you’re using the web UI or the command-line interface (CLI). This guide covers all the bases, offering tips for adding and managing users, dealing with SSH and API keys, and changing passwords.

Adding a user for MAAS 3.4 (Snap and Packages) via UI

Navigate to Settings >> Users and select Add user. Fill in the necessary fields and save your changes. To grant the user administrative rights, make sure to check the appropriate box before saving.

Modifying user preferences for MAAS 3.4 (Snap and Packages) via UI

Alter user credentials by selecting the MAAS username located at the bottom of the left panel. In the Details section, you can change the username, full name, or email address. This is also the place to manage passwords, API and SSH keys, and SSL keys.

Adding and modifying users for MAAS 3.3 and below via UI

The steps for adding or updating users are similar to the MAAS 3.4 version. Access user preferences by clicking the MAAS username at the top right of the UI.

Adding and modifying users via CLI

To create a new user using the CLI, enter:

maas $PROFILE users create username=$USERNAME \
    email=$EMAIL_ADDRESS password=$PASSWORD is_superuser=0

Adding SSH keys

To include an SSH key, execute:

ubuntu@maas:~$ maas $PROFILE sshkeys create key="$(cat /home/ubuntu/.ssh/"

Pro tip: The initial login will automatically import your first SSH key.

Managing SSH and API keys via UI for MAAS 3.4 and below

You can add or manage SSH keys by navigating to Settings > Users and clicking the pencil icon next to the user’s name, then following the key import steps. API keys can be generated similarly—just select API keys after clicking the pencil icon.

Changing passwords via UI for MAAS 3.4 and below

To modify your password, navigate to Settings > Users, click the pencil icon next to the user’s name, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Pro tip: Administrators have the ability to change the password for any user here.

Feel free to refer to this guide anytime you need a hand with user management in MAAS.

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