How to manage networks

Getting your MAAS network settings right is crucial for smooth operations. Below are essential steps you need to take:

  • Link MAAS Elements: Connect MAAS nodes to controllers. This is your starting point, and without it, you won’t make progress. A primer on MAAS networking basics may be beneficial before diving in.

  • Enable DHCP: DHCP is essential for MAAS to discover your machines. If DHCP is misconfigured, your machines won’t obtain IP addresses or Network Boot Programs (NBPs).

Pro tip: DHCP-related issues often trip up MAAS setups. If you’re unclear on the details, consider reading our guide to DHCP.

  • Manage Zones: MAAS allows for machine allocation across different availability zones, adding a layer of fault-tolerance. This is particularly useful for mission-critical applications.

If you’re new to MAAS or networking in general, don’t worry. We offer resources on TCP/IP and cloud networking to get you up to speed.

Last updated 25 days ago.