Security and user management

Securing your MAAS environment isn’t just a good idea—it’s a necessity

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The MAAS ecosystem provides a robust set of tools designed to bolster your instance’s defence mechanisms. Here’s your roadmap:

Improve the baseline

Begin your journey towards a fortified MAAS with simple yet impactful measures. From meticulous user management to prudent access rights allocation, small steps can make a big difference in your security posture. Dive into improving MAAS security for a comprehensive guide.

Native TLS

MAAS isn’t content with just standard TLS; it offers its own native TLS capabilities. This additional layer enhances data security, making your MAAS environment a tougher nut to crack.

Vault integration

For those looking to secure the crown jewels of your MAAS environment—like the crucial region-rack secret—HashiCorp Vault has your back. Vault acts as a secure vault for your most sensitive data, providing an extra layer of protection.

Air-gapped MAAS

If you require maximum security, consider running an air-gapped MAAS environment. This setup isolates your MAAS instance from the wider internet, allowing access only to authorised personnel, thereby taking security to the next level.

Why settle for basic protection when you can fortify your MAAS instance to be an impenetrable fortress? From basic account management to advanced features like HashiCorp Vault and air-gapped environments, your toolkit for a secure MAAS is both broad and flexible. Don’t delay; elevate your MAAS security today.

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